Terms of use

Terms of use

Price Details Include Applicable Tax Terms

All prices listed on our website include VAT (PPN). You will not be charged extra for VAT (PPN).

We always try to ensure that all details, prices and descriptions on our website are always accurate. If we find an error in the price of the product you ordered, we will justify it and notify you.

The prices listed are in Indonesian Rupiah. You are exempt from all shipping and return charges.

Delivery process

A. Delivery of products will be made within a maximum of 7 working days. Deliveries will be made from Monday to Saturday, excluding national holidays. Delivery is not done on Sunday and national holidays.

B. Three days before delivery, OtazenShop.com customer service team will contact you to arrange delivery schedule and make sure you are in place when we deliver the goods. Our customer service team will then coordinate with the logistics partner on this matter. If you are suddenly required to be elsewhere at the time of delivery of the promised item, you are kindly requested to contact our customer service team immediately so that a new delivery schedule can be made. Or We may also send a power of attorney so that you can authorize others to receive the shipment. The new schedule is expected to take up to a maximum of 7 business days.

Furniture Storage

The maximum time limit for storage of furniture in our warehouse is 15 days. By the time specified, the subscriber will be charged an additional fee of:

- Rp 30.000 / day for credenza and sofa

- Rp 10.000 / day for other furniture

Store Credits

After you make a product return, you will get a Store Credit that you can use to purchase any product on the OtazenShop.com website.

A store credit means you will receive a kind of voucher that will be worth the total return product you pay. You can use a store credit to purchase any product in OtazenShop.com. If your order exceeds the amount of store credit that has been given to you, then you just pay for the difference. If your total order is less than that store credit, then you will get a new coupon code from the difference and you can use it for future orders.

Store Credits will be valid for 6 months after being issued exclusively for you.

Returns, Exchange and Warranties

While we at OtazenShop.com strongly believe that all products sold by Seller on the website are of the highest quality, we will not be liable or compensate for damage to our products caused by the actions of others other than us.

Customer satisfaction is the most important thing for OtazenShop.com, so we provide free shipping and return services in collaboration with logistics partners and Sellers.

In general, if the customer is not satisfied with the purchase for any reason other than damage, defect or processing error originating from the Seller, Customer may return the product without restocking fee, subject to the following terms and conditions:

- Request for product return is made maximum of 30 working days after the product received by the customer, together with some cash that has been paid in advance.

- The product must be in original condition and primed. Our team will analyze first to certify that the product is eligible to be returned.

- 100% refund in cash can be made if customer's order has not been processed by our Seller. This can take about 30 business days until the funds go into the customer's bank account.

- 100% refunds in the form of store credit may be made if the customer orders an order cancellation or refund of the product when the product has reached the shipping address up to a maximum of 30 days after the product has been received by the customer.

Warranty policy

Includes Warranty

  • Warranty policies include damage to structures or hardware mechanisms
  • Warranty policy is applicable when following recommended usage

Does Not Include Warranty

  • The warranty policy does not cover materials already in use, including cracks or stains that do not affect function or security. Fine cracks, stains, and color differences are natural wooden characters and are not product defects. But it adds to the beauty and uniqueness of the product, especially the older the wood age the better the quality.
  • The warranty policy does not cover damage caused by improper use, or due to obsolescence.

Product Photo Accuracy

We do our best to ensure that the products sold on the website are similar to the ones on the website. However, manual handling and the use of materials from natural materials can cause varying results from the surface shape and color of the wood, making each product more unique and distinctive. We make every effort to display photos on websites that are similar to the original product accurately. However, the colors you see on our website will depend on your screen display, so we can not guarantee display on the screen You can represent our product colors 100% accurate.

Product Damage

All Items at OtazenShop.com has warranty for all products available on the website because we know that the products on our website are made from high quality materials. We will coordinate to process the return of the product if the product you purchased is damaged under the following terms and conditions:

Be sure to check the condition of the purchased product upon receipt of your order. Our logistics partner will ask you to fill out a form of checklist of any detail to consider in order to guarantee the condition of the goods in perfect condition before you sign the receipt of the products you ordered.

If you notice any defects in the product then you are requested to refuse acceptance of your order product and make sure you immediately inform our logistics partner.

If the damage occurs after you receive the item and within a maximum period of 6 months, immediately take one photo in the area of damage and one photo showing the product as a whole. After that you can report it via the "RETURN" form available on our website by attaching the two pieces of photograph or can directly contact our customer service team via email to otazenshop@otazen.com

If you have received a defective product that can be repaired with spare parts, but you still choose to return the product, the refund will be made in the form of store credit. This can only be done 30 days after the product is received by the customer.


OtazenShop.com will not take responsibility for lost, defaced and personal injury products (resulting from the customer after the product received) experienced by the customer or a third party. OtazenShop.com also relinquish responsibility for any problems that may be incurred by you or the third parties arising directly or indirectly as you access and use our website. We will never release or share your information with other third parties.

Payment Process

Customers who choose the Credit Card payment method are required to use a privately owned Credit Card. We will not be liable for Credit Card fraud.

Intellectual property rights

All content on our website is owned by OtazenShop.com and/or its licensors and is protected by copyright law. You are not allowed to use our website content without OtazenShop.com's written consent.

All protected content is text, graphic design, icon buttons, images, photos, logos, campaign titles, digital downloads and audio clips belong to OtazenShop.com. All rights protect all content.

You may store, display and print content available only for your personal use.

You are not permitted to manipulate, distribute, publish, reproduce in any format.

If you print and re-copy part of our website, you are in violation of these Terms and Conditions. If these Terms and Conditions are violated, your right to use our website will be terminated immediately and you must destroy or return a copy of the material that you create.

Links to Websites

You may link to our website if you do so legally and not aim to profit or damage our reputation.

Privacy and Security

Please visit our Privacy and Security Policy to understand the security of your privacy while visiting our Website.

Account Termination

In our sole discretion, our release will be acted upon immediately upon notice. We may terminate use of our website and disable your username and password in our account.

Termination of your account may be applied for any reason, one of which is a violation of our Terms and Conditions. Your account may be unlawfully terminated if you have violated the regulatory authority of our website provisions.

You may also terminate your account by notifying us via email to otazenshop@otazen.com

Definition and Interpretation

"OtazenShop.COM", "us", and "we" refer to PT. OTA INDONESIA. A company incorporated under the laws of the Republic of Indonesia.

"Customer" refers to the buyer or user of our website.

"You" refers to customers, buyers, and/or individuals who use our website.

"Intellectual Property" or "Copyright" means all patents, innovations, trademarks, domain names, interior design rights, registered designs, product design, business names, the right to protect reputation, and all existing proprietary rights.

"Orders" or "Orders" shall mean your orders for products through the Platform in accordance with the Terms & Conditions of Sale.

"Personal Data" means data, whether true or not, which may be used to identify, contact or search for you. Personal data may include your name, e-mail address, billing address, shipping address, phone number and credit card information. "Personal Data" shall be deemed to include any data you provide us when placing an Order.

"Username" refers to the login identification name identifying the Customer who owns the account in OtazenShop.com.

"Password" means a valid password owned by a customer who has a OtazenShop.com account that can be used with a Username to access the OtazenShop.com website.


• All photos of furniture contained in OtazenShop.com website are copyright of PT. OTA INDONESIA. Therefore, all parties outside of PT. OTA INDONESIA is not allowed to take/use/reproduce photo furniture in OtazenShop.com.

• Whenever there is misuse of PT. OTA INDONESIA by any party without exception, will be subject to sanctions.

Suggestions or Questions

If you have any suggestions and questions regarding OtazenShop.com, please contact our Customer Service team at:

Tel: (0274) 552 450 / 552 451

Email: otazenshop@otazen.com



Jalan Gejayan, No.1, Ring Road Utara, Sleman, Yogyakarta,

DIY, Indonesia. 55283

Customer Service OtazenShop.com is at your service every Monday-Sunday: 09.00 - 21.00

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